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Porsche 914
made into a 914.2

porsche 914 prototype

the 914 Rankle is a road machine designed to suck on asphault. Its power to weight ratio is similar to having 2.2 liter power plant.

The road hugging properties are much changed in speeds above 100 km hr.

Porsche 914 into Porsche 914.2

porsche prototype
Porsche Prototype, modified Porsche 914

Porsche 914.2 is the antecedent of the Porsche 914.1

A Rankle/Porsche 914.3 is presently underway.

Coming Soon: Porsche 914.8 prototype

914.8 Porsche
Porsche 914.8 under road test.


Rankle Porsche
Rankle Porsche 914.8 Iceberg Grey



porsche 914.8
Detail, air scoop 914.8


914 porsche
914 Porsche with modification to front, rear to enhance handling and balance.

porsche 914.2
Scari.Org field transit carrier for Hugo Baltzer designed and fabricated by Michael Randles




porsche 914 posterior
914.2 posterior

porsche 914 -- prototype
Bifurcation: behind the behind and under the lid is adequate space for the targa top, however it is bifurcated making installation easy. One can use just one half of the top too.

Bifurcation is a design parameter that requires the occasion for one to make modification for things to fit
thus bi-fur-occasion.

It must be noted: the most casual observer sees, a Porsche 914 looks like a Corvair –– more than, say, a 904 Porxche.

"I'm not claiming to have made a silk purse, I'm only saying the Porsche 914 was and still is a sow's ear."

Michael Randles


Despite the ragging by purists, I will maintain the Porsche 914 is one butt ugly car. The design under the skin is still timely and will be considered, for me, a car that deserves saving no matter how ugly the germans choose to make things. If Porsche had only looked to the south, over the Brenner Pass for form and styling, they might still be making the 914.

As can be seen, I have gone to some considerable effort to work up a body form that moves through the luft with simple modifications that press toward a balance and handling character that satifies the designer/driver.

I'm not claiming to have made a silk purse, I'm only saying the Porsche 914 was, and still is, a sow's ear.

As for the detractors, it seems that hide-bound purists will always be such. And that is the way things have always been in this most perfect of all possible worlds. . .




porsche 914 prototype
914 porsche -- Daily driver leaving its lair.


on the pad ready for lift off


porsche prototype, front
Porsche 914.2 front dead on, no flourishes

914 prototype
914 porsche prototype

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