Serene Cultural Alliance Research Institute

examinations of social criticism, explanations
of self-organized history questions the veracity
of the salient rules of logic with regard to context
vs content. excesses to the body of knowledge
exhumations of the empirical reality, humanity

biological exploitation

iconoclastic iconography

social biology


claims an exponent from the environment taken
from a synthetic point of view.
exaltations of anthro-existence postulates
a divine right for the bipedal omnivore, a
extroversion of myopic genetic white noise,
vestiges from time left behind –– vanquished
exclamations disguised as prophetic cynicism
expresses another authentic reality-
- Synthetic Realism -

exculpations form systems analysis, the result
excretions of pop culture ––. exquisite heroes ––
for a requiem to the paradigm of the absurd.
extracting:a mystical epithet bespeaks
of the exhaustion of the pundit draped
in "biblical metaphysics."
existential ideas breed discourse toward doubt,
exhortations for the visceral vs banal
exclamations for the sensual vs sterile ––
excursion into the realms of the absolute produce

SCARI is an institution committed to defining and describing our state, both physical and spiritual; the psychic glue binding our need to make more because less is not enough -- an ontological need to mark and name. Our research explores relevant links from our past to our possible future. As social beings, our genetic tags have, over time, developed linkages that relate socially to the confusion that many feel, in this time/space continuum. With the collision of isms, a malaise of personal relevance seems fixed in the fabric of our Modern, Postmodern, and Posthighpostmodern realities. Discoveries of value or quality of existence hangs in the balance while we grope in myopic minutiae. As committed research stretches beyond the norms of specificity, our findings provide poignant benchmarks for finding one's self. Please enjoy our work and support our ongoing effort to create images and thought. We are dedicated to the pursuit of projects that deliver ideas -- ideas that confirm questions you might have concerning your relevance in this universe. S.C.A.R.I.

exaggerations on the significance
of the human condition.
examinations with
ambigious findings
exemplify the polarity shift between
good and evil –– a profound reason for the
same old thing to be wholesaled as new,
retailed as truth.

excavations of our interior landscape
creates a psychic malaise, a cerebral etheleneglycol,
a polymorphic viscous scarring, redux to
paradox –– a doctrinal abomination.
extraction of order from chaos,
entropy self-organized, from a
willfully ignorant, spiritually
bankrupt, unified field theory.

Agnostic Angst Stigmata –– fiction and legend
"iconoclastic iconography" Death Rattle, "In the real world
Stigmata are earned by experience. There is no waking up
in the morning to find you are blessed by the mark of
Christ's Blood but for fictions and legends.

visit: Standing Order of Battle  
thruput requires no input, no output
"Information just flows better when the media isn't here"

Parallax Beacon of Truth
Agnostic Animus: The Bane of Atheism and the scorn of Theism. Social Criticism is the pain of faith in a world created by an utterly indifferent supreme cognitive entity who wishes anonymity for copyright liability purposes.

exploration of art, science, fashion, physics
exemplary demonstrations of image generated
ambiguity exercised to stress the complacent,
erudite and sycophant sentimentalist.
executions of a macro-vision and resultant
common wisdom taken to orthodoxy gone
wrong by design, the polemic of truth becomes myth
exclusion by which the
parlance of doubt must confront.
exceptions to our social construct relies
on evidence denied, to substantiate the proof
of equivocation –– this substitutes uncertainty for
the axiom of orthodoxy. freedom creates
expressions to the counter,
questions beg an argument for
experimentation in search of the
authentic anomaly.
experience driven buy, linguistics and culture,
data confronted by the impediment of credibility
overloading. dubious perceptions and a phalanx of
obscure, arcane, abstruse and obtuse data spawn both
exemptions and exceptions to the genesis of entropy.
exertions toward selforganization –– order from chaos ––
extrudes a morass of lascivious carnage to any concept ––
excretions on the tapestry of cosmically
generated revelations are
exhortations for biblical truth ––
humanity's humiliation.
expulsion breeds ennui, a pathological
dispossession atonement.
expulsion caveat is liturgical paraphernalia
from the ether –– descent from eden ––
catholic excommunication ––
form the putative sublime, .
excoriation of isms by fiat is an
expectoration on the bloom of paradox
into a disjunctive cacophony of
sentimental paradiddle.
exhortation incantation
for the rational
extraction and
extinction of this
parasite from its host.
...................................expressions from the body of knowledge

pathology biology
Darwin and POP
nonspecific images
Breaking News
TypEs TYpEd, type typing, typing types




Adding to the body of knowledge while contributing to the persistence of doubt,
the Serene Cultural Alliance Research Institute has been an active agent on research into the human condition since 1985

The Ownership Society Trickle down, Trickling down the crack of each man's ass –– wish you were here

Thanks to all, now it's time for the Invisible hand to reveal itself. The Ownership Society has
finally trickled down, now the Ownership Society-R-Us. Now we are all visited by the Ownership Society.

Common Knowledge: The invisible hand is the best hand for demanding supply, supplying demand?

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tragedy of the Commons